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Author Topic: Why $1000 NEO Isn't (#@&%!) Crazy  (Read 5355 times)


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Why $1000 NEO Isn't (#@&%!) Crazy
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:09:30 PM »

The last few days have seen a tremendous rise in NEO.  Hitting an intraday high today of $35.02 from a low of less than half that a week ago.  So why the big move?  Now there are a number of reasons for this move.  There's the addition of NEO to Bitfinex, there's the acceptance by many that the worst of China's crackdown on ICO's and exchanges seem to have passed and NEO appears to have survived the bloodbath.  But perhaps most directly responsible for the sudden surge in NEO's price is an interview that NEO founder Da Hongfei gave to a Dutch financial news site Het Financieele Dagblad.   

In this interview Da revealed that Chinese authorities consulted with him BEFORE the recent crackdown on ICOs and the shuttering of exchanges.  This shows that the government officials involved in regulating finances and cryptos have enormous respect for Da Hongfei or they would not go to him for advice on the proper moves in relation to Chinese crypto policy.  This in itself is very revealing but Da went further.  He actually brought up the matter how far-fetched...that China might collaborate with NEO on a blockchain project in the future and while he played down the idea that this was forthcoming anytime soon, he seemed to not count out the possibility in the medium term.  Here's his quote on the topic:

I do not expect the government to call me in the short term and say, Lets use Neo as the blockchain technology infrastructure in China. But in the medium term? Why not? I think its possible.

Now let's think about this for a minute.  Da Hongfei is a smart man.  He understands Chinese culture and more importantly for us, how to interact with Chinese officials.  We know that he was consulted by the Chinese government about the ICO and exchange shutdowns...yet did not reveal this to anyone until just now.  So ask yourself...would Da Hongfei say something as speculative as suggest a collaboration between the Chinese government and NEO if there weren't some basis in his head for saying so?  If he hadn't at least brought up the possibility to someone in the government and not completely been shot down, don't you think he wouldn't dare have suggested such a thing on the fear that he should alienate his contacts in the government?

No, Da is not wreckless.  He has demonstrated that he thinks things through with the sensitivities of China officials in mind.  He is far too smart to say something that he doesn't know is already within the realm of possibility, even probability.  This brings us to the next step.  Even if small, and even if not immediate, what would a collaboration between the Chinese government and NEO look like?  Would they use the NEO platform as part of the banking or finance system?  Would they use the blockchain tech in NEO to modernize the medical records of China?  What about transportation, food distribution, pharmaceutical distribution, local election voting...the list of possible uses by the Chinese government in a collaboration with NEO are endless.  With a population well over 1 billion people ANY collaboration with NEO by the Chinese government stands to launch the market cap of NEO into the stratosphere.   

If just one major collaboration with the Chinese government should take place for just about ANY major infrastructure related blockchain project, the Chinese market is so huge and the implications so massive that we could be looking at a market cap of NEO equal to what Ethereum is today, a blockchain platform with numerous ICOs but still without even one major huge success story in the mass market.  If this were to happen it would mean a NEO coin price of over $600/coin at today's valuations.  If China chose NEO for a very large project or more than one?  The price could be even higher...perhaps equal to Bitcoin which would see NEO at well over $1000 per coin.   Now all of this is incredibly speculative of course.  It most likely will not happen.  It might even sound crazy.  But in today's crypto world, with a technology so new and with regulations and markets and alliances and partnerships changing so fast, especially when it comes to China...we can't rule this out of the realm of possibility. $1000 NEO?  Unlikely, yes.  Crazy?  Not really.



Het Financieele Dagblad

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Re: Why $1000 NEO Isn't (#@&%!) Crazy
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 04:57:46 PM »
Neo, by the way, is still retaining its value, as well as client's desire to buy it. Many of my friends who have been in the cryptocurrency sphere for a relatively long time, have bought it for a long-term period.


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