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As anyone that's followed my previous posts know, I made the case that Segwit2X or (B2X) would not become the 'real bitcoin' and that (BTC) would win out and maintain its support as the 'official' or 'authentic' Bitcoin.  With the cancellation of the Segwit2X fork we are now seeing a gain in strength of Bitcoin Cash with an increase of hashpower that as of this writing is overtaking that of the traditional (BTC).   The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is also down about 15% from its highs and curently is in the $6400 range.  So why is this happening?   This is because the surging price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is making it more profitable to mine and thus many miners are making the choice to move over to to Bitcoin Cash (BCH).  There are some that are predicting that ultimately should the profitability of mining remain in Bitcoin Cash's favor that the original Bitcoin (BTC) will see a continuing downtrend in price with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) eventually overtaking it in market cap.  At that point the assumption is that large miners and exchanges will crown Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the 'winner' in the Bitcoin competition and rebrand (BCH) as the 'real' or 'official' Bitcoin, leaving (BTC) to be called a legacy Bitcoin.   So will this happen and is there a solution to this fractured 'Bitcoin' community? 

I for one do not think the Bitcoin Cash supporters will be able to break the psychological attachment to the original Bitcoin (BTC) that exists among the vast majority of Bitcoin holders.  The primary reason for this is because as we have just seen with Segwit2X, as more of the general public has invested in Bitcoin, including the start of institutional investors with the announcement of futures trading by CME and the CBOE, I believe the emotional and psychological attachment and identification of BTC as the 'authentic' Bitcoin is too strong at this point for any challenger to supercede this.  Even if for practical reasons a quicker transaction time, cheaper transaction cost and increased mining profitability makes a challenger such as Bitcoin Cash or any future challenger attractive as a replacement the reality is that switching over at this point to a new fork as the 'authentic' Bitcoin would simply create too much uncertainty that in the future yet ANOTHER fork could then replace this new Bitcoin.  This kind of 'replacement' pattern completely destroys people's faith that Bitcoin is a reliable store of value and will prevent the vast majority of people from trusting their money is safe in any kind of Bitcoin.  Imagine if you had your life savings in US Dollars in your savings account and had to worry that at any time a 'fork' of the US dollar could come along...say a US Dollar 2X...and make your life savings worthless.   Of course people would then lose faith that the US dollar was a dependable and trustworthy place to store their money.   That is the risk that Bitcoin Cash adoption creates and in my opinion the vast majority of people recognize that this undermines the 'trustworthiness' of Bitcoin. 

But what about the problems that exist with today's Bitcoin (BTC) such as the slow transaction speeds and increased costs compared to the fork and even other altcoins such as Litecoin, Monero, Dash etc?   What I see as a possible solution is for the Bitcoin community to accept a two-pronged solution.   Bitcoin (BTC) would see itself as more of a commodity (like gold) in which people can store their money and use it primarily as a store of value with only occasional use for normal purchases.  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on the otherhand would play the role of currency, but not so much as a commodity, and will be used for daily currency use due to its quicker transaction times and lower cost. 

As we move forward future forks with improved technology of Bitcoin Cash could always keep the currency fast and cheap for transactions and each new fork could be automatically renamed 'Bitcoin Cash' with the legacy coin falling to the wayside.  People that had savings in Bitcoin Cash would move their funds into the new fork so that they would always have the most current technology and would not lose value.  On the other hand those that held onto the 'old' version of Bitcoin Cash would risk losing value as liquidity decreased over time of the old protocol.   This 'dual Bitcoin' system would encourage Bitcoin users to store savings and investment for the long haul in traditional Bitcoin (BTC) while encouraging them to transfer small amounts to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to be used as a currency when needed. 

This would be akin to people that hold stocks and bonds in a portfolio and occasionally sell to raise cash for a purchase.    By embracing both BTC and BCH it also prevents us from ever having to worry about outside challengers and new forks from bringing uncertainty into the community.  We'd have a reliable partnership for both long term and short term uses.  In fact the BCH community could even decide on an annual 'update' of the BCH protocol to incorporate any new technologies and the values of BTC and the new BCH would automatically adjust since this would be happening in a predictable manner.   If my prediction is correct and this dual Bitcoin scenario is accepted then we should slowly see near parity in value between the coins.  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will rise to about half of what Bitcoin is now and original Bitcoin (BTC) will drop to meet halfway, giving total market cap of both equal to what they were before the Segwit2X cancellation. 

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new technology that contains features of multiple asset classes including as a commodity and a currency.  With new technologies new regulations and procedures sometimes need to be devised and adopted in order to keep the benefits of the new technology from being mitigated by old human habits.  By adopting a 'dual Bitcoin' system of both long term commodity (BTC) and short term currency (BCH) the Bitcoin community will gain the best of both worlds and do away with the rivalry that has slowed down mass adoption and acceptance.


Why Coinbase’s Segwit2x decision might be the nail in the coffin of the Bitcoin as currency vs. commodity debate.

As many in the crypto world know another fork to the Bitcoin chain in the form of Segwit2x is expected to take place in November. Segwit2x is supposed to provide added speed and cost efficiency to Bitcoin transactions, which has seen increased cost and slower execution as Bitcoin has become more popular.  As a signatory to the New York Agreement - the proposal to activate Segwit2x - it was assumed at first that Coinbase, largely seen as the most important exchange  - was planning to use the (BTC) symbol for the new Segwit2x chain and a different symbol for the legacy chain.  However Coinbase just issued a statement contradicting that assumption and in fact is planning to call the new Segwit2x chain B2X and keep the BTC symbol for the original chain.  This is a very important decision that might have far reaching and ultimately historic implications for how Bitcoin is perceived.  Let me explain.

For some time now banks and governments around the world have been conflicted on how to categorize Bitcoin.  On the one hand it allows transactions of just about any size between parties like a currency, but on the other hand the accumulation and limited amount of Bitcoin (21 Billion maximum coins) along with its continued use as a sort of ‘safe haven’ investment have given it aspects of a commodity such as gold.  As Bitcoin’s use has grown however the cost of transactions and time to complete have exponentially increased to the point where a solution has been needed in order for further growth to continue without these issues serving as bottlenecks.  Let’s face it, if it takes hours or even a day for a transaction to complete and if the fees approach or even exceed the cost of a transaction using ordinary fiat then the benefits of Bitcoin are mitigated and it will simply never achieve mass adoption.

There have been numerous solutions proposed for this speed and transaction cost issue but most require a forking of the original Bitcoin chain in order to implement new technology.  Most of these solutions include various variations and/or combinations of either increasing the block size, adding sidechains or other structual changes to the original Bitcoin protocol.   The problem is that there is a constant disagreement in the Bitcoin community as to which of the proposed solutions is the right solution and therefore no majority has been willing to allow an improved fork of Bitcoin to retain the ‘official’ Bitcoin moniker and symbol.  Herein lies the problem.

For obvious reasons Bitcoin owners are afraid of their Bitcoin losing value so they tend to opt on the conservative side and stick with the original, unaltered Bitcoin chain as the authentic ‘original’ Bitcoin and any improved, faster versions as the fork which if not viewed as the ‘real’ Bitcoin inevitably have less perceived value than the original.  With Coinbase announcing that the original unmodified Bitcoin will retain the (BTC) symbol and the new improved Segwit2x Bitcoin will get a (B2X) symbol they are signalling to their users that (BTC) is the ‘real’ Bitcoin and therefore it most likely will retain the most value after the split.  This is even more probable now that some previous mining supporters of Segwit2X are backing out of their support for the protocol after Coinbase’s announcement.  This looks like a repeat of what happened with Bitcoin Cash which at this writing is worth less than 15% of original Bitcoin (BTC) despite having improved speed/transaction costs and thus serves as an example of what we might expect from the (B2X) fork.

With continued slowness in transaction speed and ever higher fees on the original Bitcoin network and with new altcoins becoming more popular that offer higher transaction speeds and lower cost it seems original Bitcoin (BTC) is inevitably on the path to being used as a commodity.  Ultimately (BTC) will more and more  act as a store of value like gold, that is then transferred to other altcoins or forks such as Bitcoin Cash (or the upcoming B2X) to conduct actual transactions. 

As of today there are roughly 10 million Bitcoin users worldwide.  If consensus of an improved version of Bitcoin as the authentic (BTC) can't be achieved now it will only get harder as the Bitcoin user base grows ever larger.  With Coinbase’s decision to keep the original Bitcoin using the (BTC) symbol it is likely that the original unaltered Bitcoin chain will forever retain the (BTC) moniker and not only Segwit2x but any future attempts at improving the Bitcoin protocol through forking will ultimately fail to be recognized as the 'authentic' Bitcoin.   Coinbase's decision rightly or wrongly just might have signaled the end of the debate as to whether Bitcoin is a currency or commodity.  Agree or disagree?  Please join our community to leave your thoughts and comments by replying below.


The first time I thought about getting a VPN or Virtual Private Network, was when I was on vacation in europe and I found to my dismay I couldn't access my Netflix account to watch the latest episodes of Breaking Bad.  It hadn't occurred to me until then that lots of countries actually block content from other countries.  A friend suggested I get a VPN which would allow me to spoof a US IP address no matter where I was so I could continue to watch my US Netflix shows and so I got one...a buggy, slow, expensive one...but it worked at least.

Fast forward to today, several years later where I've discovered a world of shows, movies, news and tons of websites that are located all over the world that I never had access to before I started using Windscribe.  I routinely watch live British news shows and television shows right from the comfort of my home in Los Angeles by using a British IP address so that I can access British tv and web unhindered.  I do the same with French and German sites as well as several countries in eastern europe and even Russia.  It's amazing what you start finding once the world is unlocked.  Another great use is to access ICOs...Initial Coin Offerings in different countries.  Many of these are blocked to U.S. citizens and won't let you participate if you access their site from a US IP address.  Use Windscribe and problem solved.

There's other reasons to use a Virtual Private Network beyond just unlocking content however.  I personally don't like Google, Apple, Microsoft and frankly all sorts of other companies and advertisers knowing where i'm surfing on the web all the time.  I don't like the idea of being tracked by advertising bots and cookies that target advertising to me and keep records of every site I've been to.  With Windscribe you not only get to surf the whole world's web unfiltered but if you choose you also remain hidden from all those tracking bots and advertising cookies.  Windscribe is not only a VPN, it also has several additional features and a special browser plug-in that blocks most advertising and trackers so that you can surf the web privately.  Trust me...this is gives you a sense of freedom to know that nobody is looking over your shoulder while surfing the web.

So why Windscribe you might ask?  Afterall there are a lot of VPN's out there.  Well frankly, I've tried about half a dozen of the leading VPNs and when I evaluate the entire experience, meaning performance, features, ease of use, reliability and price I have to give the prize to Windscribe.  Seriously, i'm not joking.  Several other VPNs I have used have had performance issues.  My connection will get hung up, or download speeds will be slow.   Sometimes I find that popular websites or forums are blocking other VPNs IP addresses.  I haven't had these problems with Windscribe.  Another problem I've had with some other services has to do with crashing or hanging my computer.  I've even gotten the blue screen of death using some other VPNs.  I've never, not even once had that happen with Windscribe.  It's rock solid and works every. single. time.   

Something else I like with Windscribe is that once you have an account, they have versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, all the major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera... all included so you can use it on your pc, phone tablet...wherever.  Just as importantly Windscribe is a GREAT deal.  I'm not just saying that.  You can sign up for a free plan to try it out and right off the bat it gives you 10GB. That's a LOT of free data for a FREE plan.  With most free plans you get maybe 1 GB.  The downside of the free plan is that it only let's you use a few different IP addresses so to really start surfing the world like I do you'll want to upgrade to the PRO Plan and then you get dozens and dozens of IP addresses in tons of countries.  But frankly, it's so cheap...less than $4/month when using my special 50% promo code below there is absolutely no reason not to get the Pro plan.  It is SO worth it.  Trust me, this is the single best investment you can make to improve your web surfing experience and frankly LEARNING experience. 

There is so much new content out there in other countries that you simply don't even realize exists until you start using Windscribe and start searching around with the country specific versions of Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.  I've linked the Windscribe site below so you can sign up for either the free or pro version.   My guess is that once you try it you're going to be hooked.  I can't believe I waited so long to start using a VPN.  Now I probably use it for over 50% of my web surfing.  I just love being anonymous and also being able to watch content and visit sites in other countries I just didn't know existed until I started using it. 

Make sure to check out all the free BBC, Sky TV and more once you connect using a British IP...I recently have been watching the original British versions of american's so cool to be able to do that....and also to see the live news broadcasts in other countries that are usually blocked to us in the U.S.  Practically every country has even more country specific programming and web content you'll discover as well.  I've arranged a special 50% off deal that you can access by clicking the blue link below and then using the promo code 'WS50OFF' when paying for the Pro version.  With the discount it's $45 for the entire year.  That's less than $4 a month!  Do it now and sign up so you don't can thank me later.


The last few days have seen a tremendous rise in NEO.  Hitting an intraday high today of $35.02 from a low of less than half that a week ago.  So why the big move?  Now there are a number of reasons for this move.  There's the addition of NEO to Bitfinex, there's the acceptance by many that the worst of China's crackdown on ICO's and exchanges seem to have passed and NEO appears to have survived the bloodbath.  But perhaps most directly responsible for the sudden surge in NEO's price is an interview that NEO founder Da Hongfei gave to a Dutch financial news site Het Financieele Dagblad.   

In this interview Da revealed that Chinese authorities consulted with him BEFORE the recent crackdown on ICOs and the shuttering of exchanges.  This shows that the government officials involved in regulating finances and cryptos have enormous respect for Da Hongfei or they would not go to him for advice on the proper moves in relation to Chinese crypto policy.  This in itself is very revealing but Da went further.  He actually brought up the matter how far-fetched...that China might collaborate with NEO on a blockchain project in the future and while he played down the idea that this was forthcoming anytime soon, he seemed to not count out the possibility in the medium term.  Here's his quote on the topic:

“I do not expect the government to call me in the short term and say, ‘Let’s use Neo as the blockchain technology infrastructure in China.’ But in the medium term? Why not? I think it’s possible.”

Now let's think about this for a minute.  Da Hongfei is a smart man.  He understands Chinese culture and more importantly for us, how to interact with Chinese officials.  We know that he was consulted by the Chinese government about the ICO and exchange shutdowns...yet did not reveal this to anyone until just now.  So ask yourself...would Da Hongfei say something as speculative as suggest a collaboration between the Chinese government and NEO if there weren't some basis in his head for saying so?  If he hadn't at least brought up the possibility to someone in the government and not completely been shot down, don't you think he wouldn't dare have suggested such a thing on the fear that he should alienate his contacts in the government?

No, Da is not wreckless.  He has demonstrated that he thinks things through with the sensitivities of China officials in mind.  He is far too smart to say something that he doesn't know is already within the realm of possibility, even probability.  This brings us to the next step.  Even if small, and even if not immediate, what would a collaboration between the Chinese government and NEO look like?  Would they use the NEO platform as part of the banking or finance system?  Would they use the blockchain tech in NEO to modernize the medical records of China?  What about transportation, food distribution, pharmaceutical distribution, local election voting...the list of possible uses by the Chinese government in a collaboration with NEO are endless.  With a population well over 1 billion people ANY collaboration with NEO by the Chinese government stands to launch the market cap of NEO into the stratosphere.   

If just one major collaboration with the Chinese government should take place for just about ANY major infrastructure related blockchain project, the Chinese market is so huge and the implications so massive that we could be looking at a market cap of NEO equal to what Ethereum is today, a blockchain platform with numerous ICOs but still without even one major huge success story in the mass market.  If this were to happen it would mean a NEO coin price of over $600/coin at today's valuations.  If China chose NEO for a very large project or more than one?  The price could be even higher...perhaps equal to Bitcoin which would see NEO at well over $1000 per coin.   Now all of this is incredibly speculative of course.  It most likely will not happen.  It might even sound crazy.  But in today's crypto world, with a technology so new and with regulations and markets and alliances and partnerships changing so fast, especially when it comes to China...we can't rule this out of the realm of possibility. $1000 NEO?  Unlikely, yes.  Crazy?  Not really.



Het Financieele Dagblad

Passionate about cryptocurrencies?  Interested in discussing them with others? Why not check out our message boards and join our new community just for crypto coin fans like yourself. 


Today I want to introduce both a game and a new company behind the game that is utilizing the blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to remake the gaming experience.

Next Level Token is a Detroit based video game developer that has several games under development.   The first, Diplomatic Deathmatch, has a Beta available in the Google Play Store which you can check out now.  Other games in development include a cool multiplayer futuristic tank game called VR Tactics as well as a 2D battle fighter game that will feature various rap icons duking it out. Hip-hop lyricist Ty Law has signed on to help create and market the game.

Next Level Token's 2nd game, VR Tactics is coming soon and features
turn based strategy and gorgeous 3d renders from the team at Wolf VR.

Now there are lots of companies out there making games but what makes Next Level Token different and innovative is that they are using the blockchain in order to provide a token, a form of currency that is called the NLT Token that is used to play the game and also that players are rewarded with by playing and achieving certain levels and scores in the game.  These tokens can be cashed in for real money via an exchange so you’re being rewarded…and incentivized to play Next Level Token’s games.

Right now the company is concentrating on making fun, easy to learn but action packed games that can be played as instant time fillers while standing in line, sitting on a bus or waiting for an apt.  Later on they plan on making more extensive story based games.

The game I’ve played so far, Diplomatic Deathmatch, is a fun fighting game using famous political characters such as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.   The game has hilarious animation and cool little touches like the setting being in the White House Oval Office and pictures of Obama and Lincoln on the walls.  Updates to the game soon planned include new artwork featuring Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un and other political figures as well as updated versions of Hillary and the Donald.  It’s definitely a fun game to play and the visuals keep you endlessly amused. 

There is a bigger picture plan to Next Level Token though.  Once they have their game and NLT token system up and running they plan on using the tokens and ecosystem they’ve created as a way to lure other indy developers to develop their games to also function on their token network.  This way when you purchase  and win NLT tokens you’ll have a constant stream of new games to play and hopefully win still MORE tokens.   Game developers will also have an incentivized audience that want to play their games.  The entire idea is a great introduction to the cryptocurrency market and while nobody should expect to get rich playing video games it sure makes sense that if you’re going to be playing a game anyway, you might as well be rewarded for your time and effort.  If it means winning a few tokens worth a free cup of coffee while waiting on line…then why not.

For those that have further interest in Next Level Token and their games or if you want to participate in their token sale I’ve provided some links to the company’s website as well as the Beta for Diplomatic Deathmatch on the Play Store below.  The company has been holding an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which lets you buy tokens early at a huge discount and it’s also a great way of supporting the company and helping fund their games development.   Check them out and make sure you keep an eye out for their new games as they are introduced.  We think it’s a cool idea and are pulling for them to be successful.

One of the areas where a decentralized crypto company would make sense is to tackle the problem of medical records management and access.   Right now there are over 26 different kinds of medical records management software that is used by various private medical practices, hospitals, clinics, medicare etc. 

So for instance...If you're in California and have an accident that requires your local doctor or hospital to access your records from your home state, say in New Jersey, it's a slow and monotonous process of having your NJ based doctor pulling records and having to manually fax them to wherever you're at.   What happens if their office is closed or the doctor can't be reached? 

Same thing goes with dental records.  How many times has someone moved to a different state and had to have another set of xrays of their teeth taken that they just had taken a few weeks before at a different office...or even just across town.   Having easy access to medical records of all kinds would lessen repeated procedures unnecessarily saving cost, time and unnecessary exposure to xrays etc.  Same goes with MRIs and other types of procedures let alone the medical history of an individual patient which needs to be known by a treating doctor in another location.

The only company I know right now trying to tackle this is a company called Patientory.  But some research in the company makes it seem like they don't have all their ducks in a row.   Graduates of MIT have worked on a system called MEDREC and have published a paper about it showing one way of going about the medical records storage and access problem but it has gotten criticized as possibly being too easy for hackers to access patient's records unauthorized.   Here is a link to an article about MIT's work:

There have been endless articles discussing the dire need for a decentralized medical records management and access system.  As a multi-billion dollar industry you would think someone would step up to the plate.  So far with all the talk and dreams however it seems few with the right credentials and funding have taken on the task.  So who will?


The last few days have seen the price of Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies drop as a result of numerous events that have put FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) all over the crypto world like a giant storm cloud.  Many new crypto investors that have put some of their hard earned money into various crypto currencies over the past several months are probably wondering if they've made a mistake.  With double digit corrections over the past couple of weeks and all the rumors coming out of China of banned exchanges, ICOs, Jamie Dimon's announcement that Bitcoin is a 'fraud' etc...who could blame them?

Well Charlie Biello at Pension Partners put together several charts that are worth looking at for all those ready to declare Bitcoin dead and the crypto world a failed experiment.  In the above chart you can see that we've seen these wild swings before.  Using an investment of $10,000 in July of 2010 as a starting point the above chart shows us how volatile Bitcoin has been and how that $10,000 had grown to be worth over $3,000,000 in late 2010 only to drop to barely over $200,000 a few months later in early 2011.  You see these kinds of swings repeatedly and the second chart below breaks down some of the most noteworthy crashes of Bitcoin...only to see it rise again to ever greater heights.   

As most of you that follow the crypto market know, where Bitcoin goes...other coins tend to follow and so the question of course this just the latest Bitcoin crash to be followed by another record high?  Nobody knows of course and your guess is as good as anyone else's.   But if past history has taught us anything it's that often times in the crypto world just like in the traditional stock market Warren Buffet's timeless quote "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful" just might apply. 

Pension Partners

Interesting new coin I just came across called Electroneum.  Has its' ICO starting next week.  It's targeted to the mobile and 'entry level crypto' user.  One cool feature of it is the ability to mine right on your phone and deposit mined and bought coins on a wallet you keep on your phone.  Definitely worth checking out.


Verge (XVG) Forum / Verge to be listed on HitBTC
« on: September 05, 2017, 09:06:33 PM »
After a several days long twitter voter competition staged by HitBTC, it looks like Verge Currency has beaten out competitors such as Digibyte, BitcoinPlusXBC and Soarcoin.  You can see the final results of the poll here:

There's also talk of Verge possibly being added to Binance. 

The Verge coin is up from a low of .0000027 satoshi to a high of 00000178 satoshi today. 

ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) / China ICO Ban
« on: September 05, 2017, 09:02:18 PM »
What are everyone's thoughts on the recently announced ICO ban in China?  What effects will this have on the crypto market in general short and long term.  Do you think it is a permanent ban or just temporary allowing for regulation to be put in place to stop scams?  Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

What percentage of your investment portfolio is in cryptocurrency?  Tell us how much and what your reasoning is to arrive at that figure.  With cryptos being known as highly volatile is a large % wise? 

EOS (EOS) Forum / Latest on EOS
« on: August 28, 2017, 06:48:22 PM »
What's the latest on EOS?  Seems it is taking the slow and steady approach.  Their ICO is like a year long or something and I know they are building out an advanced blockchain platform that they hope will be better than Ethereum in the long run...but is it too late to compete?  Is Ethereum too entrenched?  Are ICOs already committing to the EOS platform or do they have to wait for the entire year development process/ICO to finish?

Lisk (LSK) Forum / LSK Rebranding
« on: August 28, 2017, 06:45:45 PM »
Just picked up some Lisk (LSK).  Heard there's some developments coming up that should move the price up.  I know they're doing some kind of rebranding of the platform similar to what NEO did.  Anyone know some of the details of what changes they are making to the technology to make the name change more than just superficial?  How much could this go to and what are the advantages/disadvantages of LSK vs. say Stratis, NEO and Ethereum?

Cryptocurrency Mining / Possible to Mine profitably?
« on: August 28, 2017, 06:43:41 PM »
With so many new people getting into the crypto world it seems mining for profit is getting harder and harder.  Is it still possible to mine any of the major cryptocurrencies profitably for a single computer setup or is it all moving to the big mining farms at this point?  What about mining some of the lesser known coins?  Is there money in it?

Hi everyone,  I want to encourage all our new members to introduce yourselves to the community.  Please tell us a bit about yourself including where you're from and your experience in cryptocurrencies such as what your favorite coins are, what your goals are, if you do any development or are involved in any crypto companies or related fields or anything else you'd like to share.    I'll start.

I'm Rob, I'm the administrator of the forum and hold about ten different coins at the moment including most of the major names such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.   Just bought a bunch of NEO hoping it rockets when ICOs on its network start to be introduced.   I'm also involved with some friends working on our own potential blockchain project.  Looking forward to getting to know everyone in the forum.

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